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  • Secure streaming, gaming, working, or browsing
  • Best-in-class encryption and privacy features
  • Fast VPN servers in 105 countries
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Use MagicterVPN for Android in 3 easy steps

Advanced Tools
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All-in-One Solution
Find all the tools you’ll need to create advanced websites in one place. Stop waisting time searching for solutions.
Nonstop Updates
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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy! Download the VPN for Android app to your device, and press the “On” button on the screen.

Using a VPN for Android will ensure that everything you do is secure. By connecting to any of our VPN server locations, you can replace your device‘s IP address with a different one, protect your data on unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and access censored sites and services.

Security is our top priority when working on MagicterVPN. We are not only committed to designing VPNs for IOS applications and systems, but also use asymmetric technology and encryption to provide a high level of privacy and security.